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Do you notice that sometimes sounds seem muffled or hard to understand? It could be a sign of auditory processing disorder, which can affect adults and children alike. Symptoms include difficulty following more than one conversation at one time; interpreting what is said in group conversations; distinguishing words from background noises such as crowd noise or television soundtracks; laboring over loud sounds like passing trucks during use of the telephone. You've been struggling with these symptoms for ages, but are now ready to ask for some help! Dr. Hadassah Kupfer, Doctor of Audiology, will assess your speech and language skills as well as your ability to process information coming from various sources. Don't wait any longer!


Our clinic specializes in diagnostic audiological evaluations which offer comprehensive screening to help diagnose any auditory or other hearing related concerns before they become more extreme. Developing good hearing and maintaining it is essential for the health of your ears. Dr. Hadassah Kupfer, Doctor of Audiology, provides diagnostic audiological evaluations to uncover and treat any issues with voice, language, cognition, or body movement that may stem from impaired hearing function.


Age-related hearing loss is most commonly caused by the natural process of aging. Progressive loss of hearing, difficulty in understanding speech and sounds, difficulty hearing both high pitched and low pitched sounds can lead to a dulling quality to life. You might not have thought there was a way to deal with this condition anymore until now! Dr. Hadassah Kupfer, Doctor of Audiology, will perform an evaluation examining your ear's ability to hear certain frequencies–due to age or exposure from things like loud noises or music and help you select the best fitting hearing aids for you needs.


Dr. Hadassah Kupfer, Doctor of Audiology, is a certified hearing aid dispensing and fitting specialist, and we are proud to offer the most up-to-date models on the market today from brands such as Resound. You will leave knowing you are fit for the absolute best hearing aids for your needs. Get your hearing evaluated at Dr. Hadassah Kupfer’s office so you can regain your quality of life with hearing aids from a local expert who understands how important it is to listen!


Hearing aids have become a necessity for many people. They help to amplify sound, which can be difficult if one has hearing loss due to old age or disease. For those who need it the most, these devices are an important tool in helping them get back their independence and live life just like everyone else! If you find that your hearing aid is not working after routine use then there might be something wrong with its internal parts such as the speaker membrane; this could cause distortion of volume levels from different frequencies so we recommend bringing them into our office where they will receive professional care by experienced technicians!


As a result of occupational noise exposure, many workers suffer from hearing loss and tinnitus. A study published in the American Journal of Industrial Medicine found that 55% of heavy machinery operators have a moderate to severe hearing impairment with average shift length between 10-12 hours per day. However, industrial OSHA regulations mandate annual screening for all employees regardless if they are exposed at work or not because it is impossible to predict who will be impacted by this condition over time which means more than just those on your construction team should get screened periodically!


Stop the ringing in your ears with a technique backed by science. Tinnitus is an auditory disorder that affects nearly 50 million Americans. The sounds of tinnitus can be triggered by ear injury, such as noise damage or certain medications, and it's characterized by recurring noises like hissing, buzzing, chirping or knocking. These sounds are made worse when trying to take in other noises and can lead to stress headaches and sleep problems among many negative symptoms. With Dr. Kupfer’s Tinnitus Treatment, you will learn how to control your tinnitus with evidence-based scientific methods designed specifically for this disability. Come live pain free!


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