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March 15, 2022
when do I need a hearing test?

How do I Know if I Have a Hearing Loss?

It may come as a surprise to know that 1 in 5 Americans suffer from a hearing loss, and over a third of them don’t seek treatment. […]
March 15, 2022
how to clean hearing aids

The Effectiveness of Hearing Aid Wax Guards

If you use hearing aids to improve your hearing, it’s natural to want to get the best out of them. The body produces wax, also known […]
March 15, 2022
pain from tinnitus

How to Know if a Tinnitus is Temporary or Not?

Hearing loss is incredibly common. Over five percent of the world’s population – that’s 466 million people – experience some degree of hearing loss. One of […]
February 16, 2022
Checking hearing loss in senior

Ways to Keep Your Hearing Loss From Getting Worse

A condition like hearing loss can be very frustrating to go through. Hearing loss developed due to noise has no known medical treatment. The destroyed hair […]
January 11, 2022
help a loved one with deafness or hearing impairment

How Can I Help a Loved One With Hearing Loss?

Deafness has the potency to change our relationship with our loved ones with hearing impairment. Hearing loss could range from partial hearing impairment to complete hearing […]
December 17, 2021
hearin loss progression

How Fast Does Hearing Loss Progress?

The answer is a complex one, affecting different people at different rates. Although deafness in older adults is known to progress quicker, many variables are still […]
November 14, 2021
hearing aid fitting

How Long Does A Hearing Aid Fitting Take?

How Long Does A Hearing Aid Fitting Take? If you are on the hunt for a hearing aid, there are a few things you have to […]
October 21, 2021
tinnitus pain

What Causes Tinnitus?

Tinnitus can develop gradually or appear out of nowhere. The causes of tinnitus are varied and difficult to pin down. In the vast majority of cases, […]
September 12, 2021
4 levels of deafness

What Are The 4 Levels Of Deafness?

There are four levels of deafness, each with its symptoms and hearing limits. Depending on the level of hearing loss, someone’s symptoms will either be mild […]