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Why is a Hearing Test Important?

a hearing loss patient discussing his audiogram with a smiling hearing professional

It can be easy to overlook your hearing health. This is something that a lot of people simply forget about, especially if they do not have any symptoms that are troubling them. While children tend to receive hearing checkups regularly, it is up to adults to keep a check on their hearing and be proactive. The trouble is that a lot of us tend to react once we notice problems. However, it is better to make sure you get your hearing tested on a periodic basis so that any small problems can be picked up on before they become bigger ones. 

Why is it vital to get your hearing tested every few years?

It is advisable to consider your hearing test as a screening as opposed to an exam. A lot of people think that hearing tests are only for individuals that have an issue, just like vision tests are designed for people who struggle to see. However, a hearing screening is not only about discovering hearing loss. It can uncover a lot of medical and physical problems that you may not have known about, and which might not have presented any sort of symptoms. 

There are a number of different reasons why hearing tests are important. This includes the following:

  • You will be able to prevent further damage: When hearing issues can progress, the ability to hear is only one thing that is lost. Patients can experience anxiety while in public situations, become depressed and they can also start to be more isolated because of their condition and the limitations it presents. Hearing loss has also been connected to more injuries in the elderly because they are less likely to hear sounds that signal danger, from smoke alarms to car horns.
  • You can identify any potential issues: A lot like a vision test, by having a hearing test on a yearly basis you will be able to track any changes that have happened concerning your hearing and make any changes as you need to. Every audiogram will be compared with the last. This means that your hearing instrument specialist will be able to see how your hearing has changed, how rapidly it has changed, and alert you to any possible dangers, such as noise-induced hearing loss and earwax buildup. 
  • Diagnose medical conditions: While a lot of hearing loss is caused due to getting older, some losses can happen because of an underlying medical condition. Diseases like diabetes can result in hearing problems. Moreover, blood pressure has been connected with both tinnitus and hearing loss. A lot of patients are going to be able to relieve their hearing issues by treating medical conditions they did not realize that they had to begin with.
  • Begin treatment: Aside from the benefits that have already been discussed, regular hearing tests are also important because they can make sure that you begin treatment should you need it. Identifying mild hearing issues can actually be a positive thing. This is because it prevents such problems with your hearing from getting worse. Experienced audiologists will be able to treat your hearing loss quickly, as they have access to different types of hearing aids and they know how to treat a wide range of hearing problems. You have nothing to be scared about. 

Not only do you need to make sure that you have hearing tests on a periodic basis, but it is important to schedule a test should you notice any problems with your hearing. For example, if your hearing has changed because you now have a ringing noise in your ears, this is an indication that you should book a hearing test at the earliest opportunity. In addition to this, some other signs that it would be good to book a hearing test soon is if you work in a noisy environment, failure to hear high-pitched noises, avoiding using the telephone, and asking people to repeat themselves all of the time. 

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