Mill Basin’s Hearing Care Specialist

Meet Dr. Hadassah Kupfer, Au.D

Dr. Hadassah Kupfer is a highly qualified and community-focused Audiologist, exclusive to your neighborhood.

It is her sole aim to make the best audiological care available to all who need it, regardless of circumstance, and to educate the Mill Basin population on how to care for their own hearing throughout their lives.

The setup of her office and her approach puts patient comfort at the forefront.

Click here to learn more about her life, philosophy, and practice.

Your Local Audiologist

Why work with Dr. Kupfer as your Hearing Care Partner?

Full Hearing Testing

Have your hearing fully tested by Mill Basin’s local Doctor of Audiology in a comfortable pressure-free environment to check whether you have a hearing loss

Personal & Caring Experience

Our highly personal service means that you don’t just become a patient, but you become a friend to Dr. Kupfer, ensuring that you have healthy hearing for life

Leading Hearing Technology

We’ll find your perfect hearing aids based on your unique circumstances, lifestyle and budget from our extensive range of styles and levels of technology

Request a Callback

There is no issue too small or question too strange. Dr. Kupfer is happy to hear from you. If you have any concerns about your hearing at all, then please do get in touch. Whether it is a little advice you need, or to schedule a hearing test, Dr. Kupfer is here to help.

Alternatively, if you an urgent need, then please call 917-791-1510

What Our Delighted Patients Have To Say

  • Maritza Jacome Avatar
    Maritza Jacome

    The key to a good doctor is that they listen to the patients concerns. Dr Kupfer listened to my... read more

  • Mark Andrew Avatar
    Mark Andrew

    Hadassah keeps following through and just won't quit until it is as good as it can be. I wouldn't... read more

  • Mike Lisenco Avatar
    Mike Lisenco

    As I get older I find myself seeking help with my hearing. Old age, too many loud concerts as... read more

  • Joseph Travis Avatar
    Joseph Travis

    I brought my child to Dr. Kupfer for a hearing test.The office was well maintained and there was no wait... read more

  • Angelina Ballerina Clementine Avatar
    Angelina Ballerina Clementine

    I brought my daughter for a hearing evaluation/testing and had the best experience. Dr. Kupfer explained everything in detail and... read more


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