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What to Expect?

We believe you should treat your hearing to regular checks, just as you would with your eyes or teeth. A hearing test needn’t be anything to worry about. Here is a quick lowdown on what you can expect from us when you come in for a test:

First of all, the practice is located in Dr. Kupfer’s home. Her office combines a comfortable, welcoming, and personal atmosphere with the efficiency and professionalism that you would expect from an audiology practice based in the city. (Dr. Kupfer trained in Manhattan.)

The hearing test itself usually includes the following stages:

First of all, Dr. Kupfer will give your ears a full check – checking for wax, excess fluid, and any pains. This section is short, and usually painless.

The second part of the test involves working out what the softest sound you can pick up is; she does this by playing tones and asking you to respond.

She then checks your ability to hear words with clarity through a series of short exercises. She rounds this off with a discussion about any symptoms you might be experiencing, and how these add up with your test results.

As a sole practitioner, one of Dr. Kupfer’s highest priorities is to build a positive relationship with her patients and to make them feel at ease. Once your hearing test has been completed, after a short review, she will discuss with you the best solutions available for your situation.

She takes a great deal of care in listening to the specific needs and concerns of each patient when choosing an aid. It is vitally important that your chosen solution not only brings your hearing back to optimum functionality, but that it also compliments your budget and lifestyle.