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Remote Hearing Care


Virtual visits are an exciting way to meet and follow up with us- with great convenience, and contact-free!

Our practice has been equipped with teleheath capabilities from before the Covid-19 pandemic, and we are pleased to extend this option to you for your hearing care needs during these challenging times. Whether you are unable to leave your home, or just prefer to limit your outings, this is the choice for you.

How does telehealth work for my ears?

Dr. Kupfer is available to assist you with problems you may have involving hearing loss, hearing aid care, maintenance and adjustments, through a device that connects to the internet, such as a computer, tablet or mobile device. Depending on the issue, we can also advise and assist you through a standard phone call.

What services are offered by dr. kupfer?

To utilize telehealth services, you will schedule an appointment with Dr. Kupfer. Before your appointment, you will log onto the telehealth platform, where you will be connected with Dr. Kupfer. While some services can only be done in person (such as examination for earwax, or a complete hearing evaluation), we can currently provide assistance on the following:

Hearing loss screening and identification (hybrid)

Through a phone interview, we will review your symptoms and discuss the likelihood that you or your loved one have a hearing loss. Dr. Kupfer will advise you whether to schedule an in-person hearing test, or whether you have a medical condition needing ENT consultation. Online hearing testing is not yet reliable for new patients and we recommend an in-person visit for initial hearing exams. However, we can minimize contact time in the office by doing all pre and post discussion virtually. We also have a private outdoor area for open-air consultations.

Hearing aid selection

If you have hearing test results from another office and you are looking for a hearing aid recommendation, Dr. Kupfer can educate you on the various models that are suitable for your hearing loss, and the pros and cons of various features based on your lifestyle. This includes factors such as hearing aid appearance; hearing aid comfort; how easily hearing aid is inserted; rechargeability, and more.

Hearing aid adjustments

If you already have hearing aids (particularly from the brands Resound, Oticon, or Starkey), Dr. Kupfer can use remote programming to view your current settings and make adjustments to your preference, using a video chat and changing how you hear in real-time! Adjustments can include volume, pitch, noise reduction, speech clarity and more.

Hearing aid maintenance

If your hearing aid stops working, Dr. Kupfer will walk you through the cleaning and troubleshooting process. She will guide you on which tool to use and ensure that the issue is fixed promptly. If the issue identified cannot be repaired at home, a contact-less dropoff option is available to you. Dr. Kupfer can also assist with bluetooth-related questions.

Our telehealth capabilities are just one more reason to choose Dr. Kupfer as your hearing specialist. Whether you have limited mobility or simply can't make it to our office, learn more about how we can still serve your hearing healthcare needs; conveniently and quickly.