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Why You Should Choose An Audiologist To Treat Your Hearing Loss

Why You Should Choose An Audiologist To Treat Your Hearing Loss

No one really looks forward to visiting the doctor but when our health is at stake, we all do. Better to get the treatment you need than suffer the consequences of ill health. The same goes for your hearing health. So when was the last time you visited an Audiologist?

If the answer is never, you’re not the only one. Maybe when you first noticed you were having hearing troubles you went to see a hearing aid dispenser, or perhaps you even dropped by your local Costco to pick up some hearing aids. But there is more to good hearing health than a quick fit for hearing aids. There is a lot you’re missing out on by not going to visit your local Audiologist in Brooklyn.

Here are just 3 things you can enjoy when you visit an Audiologist:


Audiologists are experts in all things hearing. Their training alone gives you an idea of how much goes into making sure they can give you the care you deserve. A four-year medical degree is followed up by 350 hours of patient care and a year of full time, supervised practice. But that is just what they need to do to qualify. Once they are a practicing Audiologist, they need to keep up with what’s going on in the field with professional courses. This ensures that they are always at the top of their game when they come to examining your hearing health. They have the skills and know-how to diagnose, monitor and treat any disorders to do with your hearing and balance.

Personalized care

From online shopping to the apps on your phone, services these days are all about personalization. That personal touch is great for retail therapy but it’s also essential for your hearing health. An Audiologist is trained to take into consideration your particular circumstances, needs and wants when helping you with your hearing. This means you can turn to them for both treatment and advice that is tailored to you.

Lifelong care

If your hearing loss is best treated with hearing aids, an Audiologist can fit you with hearing aids that match your needs. But their care doesn’t end there. It takes time to get used to wearing hearing aids, adjustments often need to be made and then as the years roll by you may find that your hearing needs change. An Audiologist will be right there with you, providing the help and care you need to keep hearing with clarity throughout your life.

So don’t leave it a day longer, get in touch with our Brooklyn Audiologist, Dr Hadassah Kupfer by calling us on 917-791-1510.