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Why You Need Regular Hearing Tests

Why You Need Regular Hearing Tests

The ear is one of the very intricate organs of the body and should always be given as much attention as other organs to keep it at its most ideal functional levels. Over time, our ears get negatively affected by the events around us that are beyond our control and to be precise noise, dust and water. You probably have noticed a reduction in the sharpness of your hearing capabilities. It is a little uncomfortable to admit it because all of us want to be young for as long as possible, don’t we?

Avoid procrastination

May being better hearing and speech month, it is the perfect time to speak up about the perception that going for periodic ear checkups is not important. One stands a very good chance of getting remedial measures working for them when they get early signals of impeded hearing. Having to wait until it is very obvious that you are experiencing a severe hearing problem is not a good idea because you will have to deal with many other related issues besides the amount of cash it will take from your wallet for you to navigate the whole treatment cycle.

The warning signs

It is also very likely that you have seen the shock on your loved one’s faces when you tell them to turn up the speaker volume on your music system or TV just a little. If you notice that most of the time when making phone calls or having one on one conversations and the person on the other side appears to be murmuring, do not ignore such signs because your hearing ability might depend on how you act in response to such prompts. The earlier you seek diagnosis the safer you are. Going for checkups when hearing hardships are at an advanced stage can be very expensive and emotionally taxing.


A problematic ear is not just a health problem. All of us enjoy fun and informative conversations with colleagues, family or friends, but this might be hindered by hearing difficulties and you are likely to develop a feeling of isolation and frustration as a result. One might also begin to go through a series of memory, cognitive and dexterity lapses, especially at an advanced age as the brain gets heavily strained in trying to decipher speech and sounds.

Infants and children

It is a good idea not to forget our newborns and kids. When hearing loss is mentioned, it is normal to think of it as an adult or senior citizen concern. This is not always the case. Children can be at risk too, mostly from birth to the age of five. Whenever you are going for your regular hearing checkups, make it an opportunity to take your loved ones with you.

What next?

You can start doing your checkups regularly from now on, more so if you suspect hearing hitches on you or on your loved ones. You could give us a call for questions and please don’t forget to follow us on twitter.