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What Are the Side Effects of a Hearing Aid?

a woman is having a new hearing aid fitted to her ears

Getting a hearing aid can be a wonderful help in improving your hearing so that you can hear more clearly. However, although they have their benefits, there can be some side effects that come from using a hearing aid that are worth knowing about. If you’re looking to find a new hearing aid, it’s worth being aware of these so that if you were to experience them, you can consult with your audiologist to get your device fixed or looked at.

When you get your hearing aid fitted, it’s important you discuss in-depth with your audiologist about anything that feels odd to you. It’s good to ensure that the fit is right because it’s not something you’ll have temporarily, so it needs to feel like another limb, rather than something that causes some degree of discomfort. You want to check that all the features you were after are available on the device and that you’ve spoken to your audiologist about any resolutions that could be made during the fitting.

What are the side effects of a hearing aid?

When it comes to side effects, these are slightly different for everyone. Some people might experience all of these, others might only get one or two, and some could have none at all. It’s not a sign of anything serious, but it’s worth keeping an eye on these potential side effects just in case they were to worsen in any way. There’s no need to dismiss these effects.


No one likes headaches, especially those ones that don’t go away after taking painkillers. And although some headaches can be quite mild, they can still often have an impact on your daily life. When the level of volume is too loud on your hearing aid, it might cause a headache. If you feel this, then it’s important to get this fixed and to not dismiss it if the headache goes away initially.

Irritation from the device 

If your hearing aid hasn’t been fitted correctly, then like anything that’s external to your body, it can cause irritation. The appointment you had with your audiologist to fit the hearing aid may have gone well in the moment but coming back home and getting back into daily life might alter the position of the device. Whether it’s soreness, itchiness in the ear canal or discomfort, it’s worth going back to get it checked out. It might just be a need for your ear to get used to the device, and for some, it could be a case of adjusting the size or shape of it.

Sound level quality 

When sound levels are too low or too high or the quality of the sound is poor, it will likely feel uncomfortable. Everyone who gets fitted with a hearing aid will need a different set of needs and requirements from their device and you might not have got it right the first time around. With that being said, approaching your audiologist to try something else might be beneficial. It’s important not to go on experiencing a badly performing hearing aid after all.


Tinnitus is not just a side effect of hearing aids, but it also is something that many people can experience throughout their lives. It’s described as a high-pitched ringing in their ear. For some it might be a constant ringing or a persistent one, others it can be a high ringing with a temporary loss of hearing. It can take some time to get used to wearing a hearing aid, but if this is something that persists, then it’s important to get it seen to.


Feedback is something that can be a common experience with hearing aids, and it’s usually due to it being placed into the ear or when it might be particularly windy outside. There might also be some interferences with the signal that can cause feedback to happen. Again, this is something that is worth bringing up with the audiologist as it could be something that’s easily fixable.

All of these side effects are something you shouldn’t be experiencing with long-term, and if they’ve been irritating you for a while now, it might be something you talk to your audiologist about. If you’re looking at getting a hearing aid or you are experiencing these side effects and have yet to do anything about it, you can learn more about Hadassah Kupfer, Au.D for guidance and advice. You can also call today at 917-791-1510 for information on hearing aids and their uses for hearing loss.