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The No.1 Thing All Musicians Need To Do Right Now To Protect Their Future Career

The No.1 Thing All Musicians Need To Do Right Now To Protect Their Future Career

The number one thing that musicians need to do right now to protect their future career is to protect their hearing.

Music is great for the soul, it keeps our brains young, but sadly, it is not great for our ears and hearing. Don’t panic – taking steps to protect your hearing is easier than you think. Did you know that some of the greatest, most successful musicians have suffered from a hearing loss? Musicians, such as Neil Young, Ozzy Osborne, and even Will.I.Am, all suffer, but they don’t let it stop their ability to enjoy playing and listening to music.

Here at Doctor Kupfer, we pride ourselves on treating each patient as an individual.  We always consider the lifestyles of our patients, so if music is your thing, there’s no need to stop enjoying it. There are a range of ways that you can look after your hearing without avoiding music altogether:

Take a step back 

If it isn’t you on stage, standing further away from speakers at a concert can make all the difference; the negative effect on hearing reduces the further away you are, so even a small step would help.

Take a sound break

If you are listening to or playing a lot of music lately, give your ears a bit of a break for a few days afterwards. If you know you will be attending or playing a loud gig that evening, how about having a quieter day afterwards? Having that time to rest really helps your hearing overall.

Wear ear protectors

The simplest way to prevent hearing loss is to protect your hearing. There are three main types available:

  1. Custom-molded earplugs: Custom earplugs are created by developing a mold of your ear for a snug and comfortable fit. They are able to reduce high and low spectrums of sound making these ideal for musicians and concertgoers. Fitted by our trained Audiologists, these earplugs will give you peace of mind that your hearing is protected.
  2. Over-the-counter products: For easily accessible protection, there are over-the-counter products, typically disposable earplugs. They are great at reducing higher pitched sounds and reduce sound to a certain extent. When worn correctly, they fit into the outer ear and seal off the ear canal.
  3. Earmuffs: Unlike earplugs, earmuffs are designed to fit on the outside of your ear forming a seal around it. Earmuffs reduce the sound around you and are good for those that are around loud noises often. Some wearers may find earmuffs to be too bulky and heavy – suggesting one of the other options may be more viable for them.

Protection is key

With so much hearing protection available, musicians can protect their future career for many years to come. If you feel you may be experiencing a hearing loss, book an appointment with us now for a hearing check and consultation. All that’s left for us to say is: cue the music.