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Small Ways You Can Stop Your Hearing Loss From Getting Worse

Small Ways You Can Stop Your Hearing Loss From Getting Worse

Your hearing is very sensitive. When you take a moment to think about the minute sounds your ears can pick up and the way these get processed by the brain, it’s pretty awe-inspiring. Due to the delicacy of your hearing apparatus, even small changes to your ears can affect your ability to hear. This might happen through damage, ill health, or old age. Once this happens, you need to be extra careful to stop things from getting worse. You might need support from an Audiologist such as Dr. Kupfer. She can offer you equipment and tailored advice to prevent your hearing loss from deteriorating. Here we discuss some care tips to get you started.

Hearing equipment

When you have diminished hearing capacity, it means that you might need some equipment to enhance what you have. Hearing aids and accessories can give you greater clarity, as well as increased volume. Both help to stimulate the parts of your ear that send messages to the brain. If you keep using them, it can slow the progress of any deterioration.

Regular hearing tests

Even with diligent care, your hearing abilities may still change over time. You might need to refine or change your equipment, to ensure your ears are getting as much input as possible. This means you need regular hearing tests to keep your hearing healthcare on track.

Hearing tests are quick and easy. They give instant results which Dr. Kupfer can show you. She will also explain what they mean for your hearing health and give you personalized tips for protecting your hearing.

Keep an eye on the noise levels

Some people think that once their hearing capacity reduces, they no longer need to monitor the volume of their environment. Just because you cannot hear sounds at full volume, it doesn’t mean that the sound waves cannot damage your ears. In fact, you need to be extra vigilant because you may not be so aware of harmful levels of noise. You can carry earplugs with you for spontaneous situations. For planned events or work, it’s worth investing in a pair of ear defenders.

Stay independent

Try to resist the urge to let someone else do the talking for you. It can be frustrating trying to interact over the phone or at a noisy social occasion, but it’s worth it. Interacting normally keeps your hearing stimulated and prevents feelings of isolation. If you find yourself having difficulty, talk to Dr. Kupfer about the specifics. There may be a solution that’s suited to your issue.

See you soon

Visit Dr. Kupfer, your Audiology doctor in Brooklyn, New York, to keep an eye on your hearing health. It’s easy to make an appointment by calling 917-791-1510 or requesting a callback through the website.  She can help you hang on to the hearing you have with regular tests and the right equipment.