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How Getting Help With Your Hearing Loss Can Improve Your Relationships

How Getting Help With Your Hearing Loss Can Improve Your Relationships

The famous quote from George Bernard Shaw, “The single biggest problem in communication is the illusion that it has taken place,” highlights a common theme when it comes to relationships.

Being able to speak, listen, and accurately understand another person is crucial to our wellbeing, success, and is vital to all of our day-to-day communication. When it comes to your relationship with a significant other, the importance of understanding each other is crucial, as there are even more opportunities to be misunderstood.

For most of us, misunderstandings will happen, as every person we interact with on a daily basis will have different communication needs and styles.  However, for those with hearing difficulties, the potential for misunderstanding one another is even greater.

Hearing loss and relationships

Hearing loss will always have an effect on your relationships and discussing the issue of hearing loss with a loved one can be difficult. Hearing loss is not experienced in the same way by everyone, and people respond in different ways to finding out their hearing is no longer 100%.

If you are in a relationship, you are more likely to pick up on small signs that something is wrong. Perhaps your other half is continually turning the TV volume up to the maximum. Do they avoid answering the phone, always leaving it up to you? What at first may be misinterpreted as “selective hearing” in your partner, might later be understood as hearing loss.

If you are with someone experiencing a hearing loss, it is important to be sensitive around the issues, as your partner may not have accepted that they have a problem yet. If you are someone who is experiencing a hearing loss, by confronting the issue with an open mind, you’ll soon realize that the help out there can help improve your relationship for both you and your loved one.

The damage of hearing loss

The damage of hearing loss can go beyond the physical. Someone who was once social, vibrant, and outgoing may start to choose to spend more time alone. The stress of asking people to repeat themselves, trying to fill in the gaps when words are missed, and the risk of responding inappropriately due to mishearing can leave people thinking it’s just easier to avoid social situations.

Take the next step

Communication is vital to you and your loved ones happiness, so don’t let hearing problems get in the way unnecessarily.  Once you take the first step to accepting help, support, and advice for your hearing loss, the change in your hearing experience and to your relationship, can be dramatic. Our friendly Brooklyn Audiologist, Dr Hadassah Kupfer, can offer various solutions from hearing aids to advice and support, so get in touch today by calling her at 917-791-1510.